Precision Engineering

 All our kitchen cabinets are made in the UK by our skilled assembly team using state of the art equipment including:

  • Homag Beam Saw - German engineering at its best coupled with high precision software

  • Tornado Edge Bander - Trims, edges, polishes and buffs for a perfect finish

  • Vertical Feed CNC Machines - Drills and routs any holes and cut-outs for accurate assembly

  • Ligmatech Through Feed Press - Presses the assembled cabinet initially to ensure it is completely square then applies force to ensure that the glue is pushed into the dowels, making a strong bond.

Before despatch to the customer, all the doors, drawers, pullouts, bins etc. are fitted to the cabinets.  Everything is then inspected, packaged securely in protective corrugated card and wrap, all ready to go!