Cabinet Construction

At Rosewood, all our cabinets are made using the glue and dowel method of construction. This ensures their quality over flat packed units and pre-assembled flat packed units often called cam and dowelled ‘rigid units’. A dowel, or dowel pin, is a cylindrical rod used in furniture construction (in fact, Egyptian cabinet makers were using dowels to reinforce joints as early as 2900BC).

Dowels have relief grooves milled into them to allow hydraulic pressure from glue and air to exit the joint on assembly and thereby avoid splitting the timber. Dowel holes are precision drilled into the timber panels that will be joined together. The holes are injected with an optimal amount of glue – too much and the timber panel may split...too little and the joint will be weak.

Our cabinets are then put into a machine press which squares the cabinet and keeps it clamped under pressure until the glue sets. In addition to bonding the boards together, the glue causes the timber around the dowel to swell slightly. This effect further reinforces the joint and increases its strength.

Unlike the majority of our competitors we only use 18mm panels to build our cabinets and this includes the backs of our base and wall units. This makes our cabinets exceptionally rigid and strong.

Panels are sealed on all edges with premium ABS edging, including those that will never been seen, to ensure the units’ stability and longevity.

Our experience and confidence in the quality of our cabinets is the reason for our 25 YEAR GUARANTEE against any cabinet manufacturing failure.